Chipotle is for people who've never tasted a real burrito

I just had Chipotle for possibly the second time. It's so bland. It's like hearing a high school orchestra and thinking, hey, they're ok, but then you hear the New York Philharmonic and realize there's a difference. How Chipotle makes money is beyond me.


  • It is funny. Allie and Devi used to be all up on Chips nuts. Now they barely eat there.

    I have only had it once and it is shit compared to a little local place that is the same price but so much better.

    Once you IPO you shit goes downhill.

    Taco Time here is more like Taco Bell than Chipotle with 99 cent taco. But they source local stuff at Costco and make the meat in the morning in a big vat and add spices. Taco Bell gets bags of meat shipped in plastic bags that are heated. I think Chipotle is going more Taco Bell to increase shareholder value in the short-term.
  • I feel like Chipotle got worse after the e coli thing or whatever, too. I heard they had to stop using a few ingredients and had to prep tings differently.
    Freebirds is a lot better 1) because they have more options and 2) because they mix the innards without having to ask (I'm so happy!). But they're still not a real, Mexican burrito.
    If you went to Chipotle or Freebirds expecting something like a taqueria burrito, I think you're way off base in your expectations. That's like going to Chevy's and thinking it's going to be like Mexico City cuisine.
  • Gotta hit up the food trucks that use lard.
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