This would be a good place to list movies and/or TV shows you would like to watch..

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If you get my drift.


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    It came in the night (NOT Available Yet)
    the beguiled (NOT Available Yet)
    pirates of the caribbean: dead men tell no tales (NOT Available Yet)
    rough night (TC)
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    Looking for mr goodbar
    Single white female
    Sleeping with the enemy

    Ps- the beguiled 1970s version too
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    The big sick
    Roseanne series
    Homeland series
    The shield series
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    The big sick (Done)
    Roseanne series (TVarchive)
    Homeland series (TVarchive)
    The shield series (Already in TVarchive)
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    Hindi Medium (DONE)
  • mindy project season 5 ep 14 (i just realized that was the actual finale and we never saw it)
  • Holy shit.. Good find. Sonarr missed it since the eps are so late to torrent sites. It is added now.
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    Anything for..??
    It came in the night (NOT Available Yet)
    the new beguiled DONE

    New requests:
    Victoria & Abdul (Done)
  • No dice on either.

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    I'd like to add:
    Murder on the orient express


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    Blade runner (already exists)
    Blade runner 2049 (done)
    Kingsman: the Golden circle (Done)
    Thor: Ragnarok
    Justice league (2017) (done)
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    Thor 1 and 2. Also last Mindy (which I think was the series finale?) (Added all three)
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    Devdas (2002) with english subs (done)
    Veer-Zaara with english subs (done)
    Ghostbusters (the women version) (already there)

  • PTP has been down for a few days so it will be a bit for some of the more rare movies.
  • The quiet place.
  • Neither are available yet.
  • A quiet place is done.
  • no need for aiyaary anymore
  • descendants of the sun w/ eng sub (korean drama)
  • ignore above request for descendants. instead...good place 2nd ep of season 3 is missing (went straight to ep 3). thanks!
  • Anything for The Favorite, or Mary Queen of Scots? Not really sure if either is out yet.

    Also when available: Mary Poppins and BumbleBee. :smiley:
  • Bumblebee is done. So is The Favourite. The others aren't out yet
  • New req from mom:
    Oscar nominated shorts including:
    Weekends, One small step, Bao, Animal behavior, Later afternoon
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    Just got around to adding those shorts.

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