From HDD to SSD (Bicycle to Ferrari) :P

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I just upgraded my iMac's noisy and old OEM HDD to a light, slim, sexy and fast Crucial MX525 SSD. And this is my first time I experience full speed of SSD because I never had SATA 3 equipped device before. It took 15 mins to open and replace the ssd. it was easier than I was scared. But I had to repeat it 3 times until I figured out that I needed to format SSD before I put it in, Strangely OS X installed didn't recognized the unformatted SSD and I stupidly forget to use terminal (which installer has it built in) at the first place to format it. I panicked and scared actually that SSD was faulty at the first try out. At the second try I removed the ssd adapter which I thought was faulty and the nightmare grown. More fear and panic. After third try I hooked the ssd to and external enclosure and formatted it in MacBook. VOILA!. SSD resurrected! I put everything back in the iMac (very much carefully, with gloves and static free) reinstalled OS X. It takes 22 seconds from power button to login screen. Doesn't seem so fast may be but if you compare it to 120-160 seconds boot with HDD, its huge improvement, and apps open nearly instant.

Here is a photo of the iMac's interior. (1st try)


  • Yeah.. This is a huge difference. I can't imagine going back to a boot drive that isn't a SSD.

    The difference is spectacular.
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