So would anyone give a shit???

I was thinking of just deleting this site and having it just go to chat. Nobody uses it and it costs me 7 bucks a month.



  • I'm rarely here, and when i am I go to chat uniformly. Save your $7 and buy a 6 pack of PBR.
  • Nope, as long as I have chat, I can kill my day :)
  • i use it, but not enough to warrant $7/month
  • We are going to delete the forum part and just have the domain go to chat.

    Here is my reasoning. It is a separate software thing for the forum that gets security updates often and applying them is a bit of a pain. And the forum part gets hundreds of attacks a minute so I had to spin up a extra server to help with the load which is where the 7 a month comes from.

    I can push all of chat onto a 5 a month server. Which is fantastic for me since I have a lot more bills after I moved out of mothers backyard.

    I'm kinda confused at how I will deal with the SSL stuff when moving things. I might need to redo certs. But fuck it.
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