The plex server is going to be rebuilt in the next few days.

Things sort of went to shit and once I back up some stuff I will be redoing it.

If it doesn't work that is expected so just except it. It will come back. But it might take awhile to add everything back.

You will lose your watched status. You have to trust me on that. I could technically transfer that over but it would mean the server would be down for 5 days instead of 24 hours.


  • This turned out to be a massive mess. About 10 hours in and I am just getting around to transferring data back to the server. It will take around three days to complete. So many problems. I reinstalled about 5 times.
  • Of COURSE it has to break on a hurricane weekend. Couldn't have broken down when we could have gone to the beach instead. Figures.
  • It is slowly coming back. The nuts and bolts are there. Now it is just a matter of pulling data down from Amazon. 33% done.
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