I'm done with Taskmaster....

....now what?


  • Oh god.

    Have you tried QI or 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown?
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    Oh.. I forgot.. 24 Hours To Go Broke.
    Five pairs of celebrities are tasked with spending up to £10,000 of Dave’s hard-earned cash in 24 hours. But not in the UK, oh no. They’re sent to some of the most random places around the world with up to £10,000 worth of local currency, a set of strict rules and three contact numbers of local people who may be able to help.
    It is good. I added it to Plex.
  • I'm worried I'm going to be cringing the whole time due to the ridiculous waste of $$$ when so many have nothing. In fact, how does that not bother you??
  • That can't own anything at the end. They can only buy experiences. Most of it is just paying local people to do silly things with them.

    Like 40 euros to ride around on the back of a tractor.
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