YO Deniz. Can you please check in to let us know you are safe?

And what is the status of things? Is this pouring into the Turkish side of Cyprus?

Stay safe buddy.


  • Dude, your silence isn't comforting.
  • There was a coup in Turkey and Deniz lives on the Turkish side of Cyprus. It looked pretty nasty and I was and still am concerned about his safety.
  • I know that's why I keep checking this thread, wondering the same. Maybe he lost internet access?
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    I am ok, no action happened here. the day i heard the coup attempt, i was so worried because my biggest brother and his family lives in Turkey and my other brother and family was in Turkey for holiday. There are so many arrests and investigations happened in Turkey and here in Cyprus too. Mostly businessman, soldier, government wroker...
  • Glad you're ok!!! What about your family?
  • Everyone is fine. Luckily they were far away from the conflict.
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