In lieu of a requests site...

Hubby keeps asking me to "get my friend to put stuff up on the thing". Here's his request list:

Eastbound and Down
Louie (season 5)
The Sarah Silverman Show

And probably more as he thinks of them.


  • Requests site is actually working. It just isn't tied into the automation yet. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep the new server. But Hydra helped me pressure test it the other night and I will keep it. And yes... Pun intended.

    I think I might have to move on Friday so I will not really have any time to do it until I get settled in the new place. But Allie will make sure it happens.

    Eastbound and Down is done (I love this Show)
    Louie is done (Also love)

    Sarah. Can't find a torrent but Hydra can probably help.
  • You rock, bro.
  • Requests site is indeed not working. image
  • That is on the old server.
  • Sent you a pm with the url of new site.
  • Thanks!
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