RufusG has been turned off.

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Use RufusC from now on. If you can't see it hit me up in chat. Your watched statuses were lost and not everything has been put back together yet.

Let me know of any buffering issues.


  • does this mean our individual channels and fitness are gone or just that they haven't been transferred yet?
  • Thanks! Seems to be working OK so far!
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    You should see your individual channel Devi. Let me know what you want added. It only takes a few seconds to add a show. Fitness will be back soon. I already transferred the files I just haven't hooked them up yet.

    And Seek, what Devi means by individual channels is I can make a library for you called something like Seek(TV) that will just include shows you actually watch so you don't have to dig through 300 things to find some GBBO.

  • For some nerdy fun.. This is where the new plex server is.
  • Actually that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the channel that I was adding things to on its own (apart from main server). Does that make sense?
  • ^_^ I have a self-TV channel with all the stuff I put on Plex Requests already. I haven't figured out how to move anything else there, though.

    Speaking of Plex Requests, that seems to be down, too. I was trying to get the first season of 12 Monkeys.
  • Plex Requests is down. There are a few different versions of it and I am still deciding what version to go with.

    And 12 Monkeys added.

    And Seek, the section I made for you was just sort of a one off thing since you watch weird shit. I was manually adding stuff there. The section Devi has is tied into the normal automation.

  • Haha. Right on.

    Obscene amounts of standup comedy *could* be considered weird shit, I guess.
  • And thank you for 12 Monkeys. And Masterchef Australia. Now my kid won't stop calling everyone "mate".
  • Masterchef AU is the best TV ever made.

    And yea. Unfortunately Plex isn't the best when you have a list of 600 movies. It is tedious to scroll through them. There are filters. You can say "show me comedy" and it will do that. But nobody ever does.

    Part of me thinks that I have to much storage. If I went back to 2TB I would have a more curated list of things to watch. But that is a lot more work for me. For the most part it is now me deleting shit when I finish it unless I know someone is watching.

  • Need moar Masterchef AU. Frickin' John with his frickin' white chocolate putting Georgia into elimination right after the immunity was *robbed from her*. Bastard. I need to watch him go home.

    I did find the genre filter, and rather like it.

    Also, have you been watching that new show, "Containment"? Loving it so far.

    I haven't been caught up on TV in almost a decade. Waiting for new episodes feels weird.

  • I added the rest of the season of Masterchef. I had no idea that you could power through them so fast. (Mate).

    I love Masterchef AU. They are in a fierce competition and still so friendly. I'm actually glad your son is into it. It will make him a better person compared to our USA shit greedy TV.

    New ep of containment is up. I was working while I watched the first so I think I should re-watch.

    For fun I make my sisters twins watch tv with commercials. It kills them.

    But I do know that if everyone did what I did TV would just be watching teenagers unboxing make-up on youtube.

    So fuck it.... Ride the piracy into a wave of baby-boomers.
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