Yo Hydra... I pulled the trigger.

Got the Soyoustart server. I added you in Plex so you should be able to test it out. Should show as RufusBHS.

I'm not sure what I think yet. Torrent downloads are much slower. Along with SFTP. However Plex seems better. The ATV4 is much faster at starting to play something now. At least I think it is.. Confirmation bias and all.

At least both are paid for the month so further testing can be done. And Saturday night at 11PM is pretty much the worst time to test peering.

It was a real mess getting this going. Apparently the server I was given had a faulty MB and had to be replaced.


  • Awesome! Anything I can do to help with upkeep?
  • The new server is in Canada so hopefully it will perform a bit better since the old one was in Germany. But some testing using the Canadian server would be nice. Data migration is going to take about 4 days (6TB) but it is slowly chugging away. But RufusBHS is available to use now just not with the full library but that is slowly trickling in.

    And I hate to say it but moving to a north american server bumped my bill from 30 to 53 a month. So maybe if someone wants to pitch in and get me some medium white t-shirts or pants that would be cool.
  • Sweet. Count me in for $10/mo. The server is better than anything else I could be subscribing to, and well worth it.
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    Thanks Seek.

    The financial strain will ease in six months since the new provider charges a 83 dollar set-up fee that they are spreading out over 6 months. After that it will be 40 a month which is easier to swallow. Not fun but tolerable. 30 is kinda my sweet spot.

  • I asked ryan what kind of tshirts he likes and he sent me this link in case anyone else is interested: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product//B00KBZOVPY/ref=twister_dp_update?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  • Thanks Devi.
  • Sporting a Devi-Shirt!!! Fresh white tees are the bomb.
  • PS I have to get on a flight later today and you're not even in chat to mock me for not even starting packing yet.
  • Off to Brussels already?
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