Chat is going to look odd. It is for the best.

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Change is hard and I get that but the old chatroom hasn't been formally updated in years. It is actually the same version originally used and I have had to manually run diffs and modify the source myself which is a major pain in the ass.

So bring on the new chat!

1) Accounts here are not tied to the accounts on chat. It uses a separate database for user info. Pick a user and pass and enter a email. It can be a fake email since they are not validated.


2) This is written in PHP and the old one was mostly Javascript and I hate Javascript but like PHP. So this is going to be easier to modify and maintain.

3) Since I moved the chat to a sub-domain and added HTTPS it broke audio notifications in Firefox in the old chat since the audio was Flash based. This is what pushed me over the edge.

4) This now works great on mobile. And by great I mean you won't want to kill yourself anymore.

Oh, and there is a play button on the bottom now that plays somafm's Indie Pop Rocks stream if you want.

But there is a lot of stuff missing but in the end it will be worth it.

There is pretty much a zero chance that I will go back to using the old chat so whatevs..


  • Oh, and Allie you can change themes. Click on the "hamburger" in the lower left and select themes. You might like the "Lite" theme since it might be more work friendly.
  • After about 24 hours of hair pulling and javascript fuckery the chat will now flash the tab if there is a new message when the tab is not in focus. That was my last big concern. In tab notifications and HTML5 audio are done. I am 99% done and that feels good.
  • aww thanks!
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