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December 23, 2011 by Ryan

GoDaddy has came out in support of SOPA. It is a law that would pretty much allow the Federal Government to close down any site it wants at the request of lobbyists. It would do this at the DNS level so there would be no need to involve your hosting company.

Here is a primer: MetaFilter
More info here: Arstechnica

GoDaddy responds: Response from GoDaddy

Namecheap’s stance: Alternate registrars response.

I plan on moving three domains off Godaddy this weekend to another registrar since I only have three with them. If anyone else wants help doing the same I will spend as much time as you need helping you do it.

If you have them as your host I will even help you get going on the wonderful Linode.

The gist of SOPA is that if someone posted a youtube video here that contained a copyrighted song they could kill the domain name with a simple letter. I would have no recourse. But GoDaddy is proud to support this law so I think we should stop giving them money.